Saturday, December 15, 2007

McCain's NH Campaign Manager Addresses Push Polls and Shady Advertising

This letter address to New Hampshire supporters addresses push polling and false advertising done be other campaigns in the early primary states.

"Dear Friend,
There they go again. Our campaign is receiving new reports of push polling designed to undermine popular support for John McCain. Remember, it was this sort of tactic that was used to derail Senator McCain in South Carolina following his 2000 victory here. Now, with our campaign surging in New Hampshire, it seems our opponents are determined to stoop to similar lows to try and stop us now, knowing that a victory here will spark the momentum that will carry John McCain to the nomination.

What they fail to recognize is New Hampshire voters' absolute disdain for these negative tactics, and their determination to punish any campaign that engages in them.

The good news is if John McCain is being attacked, it is because the other candidates know he is either in the lead or closing in fast. Already, Gov. Romney has sent thousands of misleading, negative mail pieces to New Hampshire voters, and we fully expect more where that came from. Last month, an unknown group or candidate now under investigation by the Attorney General tried to frame Sen. McCain using similar push poll calls. And now, the calls being received by New Hampshire voters are from a shadowy group supporting Gov. Huckabee.

Sen. McCain will NEVER cast his honor aside for political gain, but he also won't stand idly by while others disparage his good name. In order to counteract the negative attacks from other candidates, we MUST work extra hard to make sure every voter hears Sen. McCain's positive message.

I am personally asking you to commit a few hours of your time to help John McCain combat the attacks and make sure every voter knows he's the one Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton and the Democrats.

Will you step up to the plate on behalf of John McCain?
Every day from now until Primary Day, our staff and dedicated volunteers will be working day and night to make phone calls, sign wave, write letters and conduct other critical tasks. We have aggressive goals and will need every supporter to pitch in just a few hours of time if we are to accomplish everything we need to before January 8th.

Please call our office at 603-369-4944 or email to schedule a time to help, or just stop in whenever you have a couple of spare hours. If you have not already officially joined our team, please sign up at I can't overstate how important your participation will be in electing John McCain as our next president.

Thank you for your loyal support.

Jim Barnett
New Hampshire Campaign Manager"

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Anonymous said...

i think that the further along we get in this presidential campaign the more dirt that is going to trickle from beneath the proverbial rug and the truth will rear it's ugly head. This is what is happening with the snow-white reputation of Mr. Huckabee. First it was the padded credentials and now the dirty politics of poll-pushing that "he supposedly knows nothing about." Things like this make you question his christian values and his pastorial faith. Now I am more curious than ever about his christian background and what is fact and what is fiction.