Friday, December 14, 2007

Jane Swift Endorses John McCain

Jane Swift former Massachusetts Governor has endorsed Senator McCain and written an editorial in the Boston Globe detailing her reasons for the endorsement. She notes that Senator McCain has taken important yet often unpopular positions, and explains why "McCain is no ordinary hero"...

"McCain is no ordinary hero, and these are no ordinary times.

America's ability to maintain a thriving economy and a strong defense hinges on electing a president willing to make the tough calls. McCain's career has been defined by independent leadership. His relentless attacks on pork-barrel spending haven't won him popularity contests in the Senate cloakroom, but he can sleep at night knowing that he made the right choices for America.

True to his conservative values, McCain understands that fiscal restraint requires setting priorities and sticking to them. We have urgent national challenges - wars on multiple fronts, skyrocketing debt, unfunded entitlements - and yet, Congress still finds the time and the dollars for pet projects that deflect resources from our true national interests. McCain is the only candidate with the experience and conviction to level with Americans and force Congress to do the right thing."

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