Monday, November 12, 2007

John McCain - Rochester Town Hall

This town hall was packed. I was standing in the back corner of the church when I heard applause behind me and realized that people were filling up the kitchen as well as the main hall. Senator McCain’s mother gave the introduction, and she was a big hit. There were questions about health care and specifically veteran health care. One gentleman mentioned that he received excellent care at the VA in Manchester and recently received a new prosthetic limb, but that he feels terrible when he sees that other veterans aren’t receiving the same level of care. Senator McCain addressed the VA being overburdened and for his desire to give veterans a card that allows them to seek medical care where ever they choose. Several people questioned Senator McCain about how to make political discourse more substantive and respectful. He stated that he voices strong opposition to people’s opinions, but doesn’t attack them personally. He’s worked with people across the isle while still holding onto his conservative values, and is able to do so because he maintains a respectful level of discourse. He also noted how Ronald Reagan and Tip O’Niel, a conservative Republican and a liberal Democrat, still had a friendship and worked together for the greater good while still holding firm to their principles.


Brad Marston said...

It was a great event for McCain. I saw a lot of people who were not "tagged" but I think he convinced more than a few people.

It was great to see you there.

kmorrison said...

I agree. He does such a good job with the town halls, I think if people are willing to come out and listen to him he wins a large majority of those votes.