Friday, November 9, 2007

John McCain - Letter to the Editor

As an Independent I have gone to see a number of candidates from both parties. While I found many candidates interesting, I found only one candidate qualified to be the next Commander-in-Chief and that is Senator John McCain. I sincerely hope that voters will go hear him speak, and give him the chance to explain his positions and qualifications.

I have to admit that I was originally a bit cynical. Unhappy with President Bush’s handling of Iraq, I doubted Republican leadership because there seemed to be a lack of honesty and foresight about where we stood in Iraq. However, I learned that Senator McCain had repeatedly challenged the previous war strategy, and pushed for a strategy change even when criticized by fellow Republicans for being disloyal. Eventually he was successful in that endeavor, and the new strategy (referred to as the ‘surge’ or the McCain doctrine) is showing signs of success. Consequently, other Republican candidates are now lining up in support of the surge. But where were they six months ago, and where were they a year ago? Senator McCain took the heat and stuck to his guns under scathing criticism. He did what he thought was right while other candidates hedged their bets and said nothing of substance on the topic.

It isn’t simply about Senator McCain being right; it’s about him having the experience and knowledge to know the difference. It’s about him having the backbone to take the heat and follow his gut. It’s about his military and legislative background enabling him to make informed decisions, not just popular ones. The candidates are rightfully questioned on a host of different topics from health care to taxes, but I hope people are particularly cognizant of the role of the President as Commander-in-Chief in a time of war. I don’t agree with Senator McCain on every issue, but I have full confidence in his ability to lead with integrity and reason at this complicated moment in history.

Epping, NH

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