Friday, August 22, 2008

New Hampshire - The McCain Update

Official McCain Convention gear is now available! The online store for the Republican National Convention launched this week, so you can now order the latest McCain and GOP Convention gear.

In the store, there is an "Official Convention Kit"
which is a great way to show your Republican pride and support of John
McCain. The kit includes a McCain t-shirt, buttons, a McCain Hat, and a
McCain travel mug.

Even if you cannot attend the convention in Minnesota, this is your chance to be involved and share in the excitement. Click here to visit the store now and remember to tell your friends and family to visit too!

Host a Convention Watching Party!

The Republican National Convention begins on September 1st and the
planning is underway for our next McCain Nation party. On
September 4th, we will have a nationwide Convention Watching party as
John McCain accepts the Republican nomination in Minnesota.
Click here to host an event or find one near you to attend.

After the great success of our first nationwide event, we hope to organize even more parties on September 4th. The last night of the convention will be a momentous evening that you will want to enjoy with other McCain supporters, so begin planning your event today!

Join Us on the Road to the Convention

As John McCain prepares to accept the Republican nomination on
September 4th at the GOP Convention in Minnesota, he will be holding rallies around the country leading up to the exciting night.

The first Road to the Convention Rally will be on August 29th in
Dayton, Ohio. From there, John and Cindy will travel to Washington,
Pennsylvania, on August 30th. John Rich, of the band "Big and Rich,"
will also be at the Pennsylvania event. The next stop will be in
O'Fallon, Missouri.

Tickets are free and required for entrance. To reserve tickets, click here for the Ohio event, click here for the Pennsylvania event and click here for the Missouri event. If you are in the area, please come and show your support for John McCain on his way to the Republican National Convention!

A Message from Orson Swindle

Below is a special message and news article from Orson Swindle,
Lieutenant Colonel, USMC (Ret.). Orson was a prisoner of war in Vietnam
with John McCain and is a longtime friend.

"I'd like to pass along to you what I believe is the most complete
accounting of how my friend, John McCain, helped our nation avoid a
disaster in Iraq.

"When you read this article, you'll understand better what John McCain
was up against. People told him he was wrong. People told him it would
cost him his chance for the nomination for President of the United
States. True to form, John McCain decided to listen to the commanders
on the ground. He'd seen the situation with his own eyes, and his years
of experience in military and foreign affairs convinced him that he
could not ignore what was happening in Iraq, what the commanders were
saying, and the solution that was required." Click here to continue reading Orson Swindle's message.

Latest News

On Monday, John McCain spoke at the 109th Annual Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States National Convention. He praised the veterans for their service and discussed the importance of supporting our current military
men and women now and in the future.

John McCain also talked about the war in Iraq and growing concern over
Russia's recent actions in Georgia. He contrasted his plans in Iraq
with Senator Barack Obama's, saying, "Both candidates in this election
pledge to end this war and bring our troops home. The great difference
is that I intend to win it first." Click here to read John McCain's full speech to the VFW Convention.

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