Sunday, July 13, 2008

Obama & McCain on NH's First in the Nation Primary

Few outside of New Hampshire realize how committed the state is to preserving its first in the nation primary status. However, John McCain does. He has been adamant in his support for NH's primary process, and whatever people feel of Senator McCain's policies it hard to deny that the Senator has a real affinity for the Granite State. Fosters, however, is reporting that Senator Obama's committment to NH's first in the nation status may not be that strong.

John McCain's presidential campaign on Saturday declared itself more committed than Barack Obama's to preserving New Hampshire's first-in-the-nation presidential primary.

"Barack Obama will wait until after the election before he breaks the bad news to New Hampshire voters that he will change the nominating process and relegate New Hampshire's traditional role to the history books," spokesman Jeff Grappone said.

His comments came after Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean's visit to the state Friday, during which he responded to a question from Foster's about whether the Democratic Party would place Iowa and New Hampshire first and second in the 2012 nominating calendar.

"That'll be up to President Obama," Dean said, then praised this year's primary voting, which saw states such as Nevada and South Carolina vote earlier than in years past.

McCain's campaign called on rival Obama to say precisely where he stands on preserving New Hampshire's position. Peter Spaulding, chairman of McCain's state operations, used Howard Dean "punting a key New Hampshire question" to shine the light on Obama, the Democrat's presumptive nominee.

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