Tuesday, July 1, 2008

"He Can't Even Lead His Surrogates"

After a renewed attempt by Wesley Clark to explain why Senator McCain's military service is not a qualification for president Colonel Orson Swindle stated, "When you're in a tough political race, and you have no qualifications and no experience and your opponent has a world of experience...you gotta do something." The Obama campaign's reoccurring denounciations of wildly inappropriate remarks by people tied to the campaign, led to Orson Swindle saying, "He can't even lead his surrogates. He's not going to do a very good job in leading the armed forces." Continuing this line of attack on the military service of a highly decorated veteran flies in the face of Obama's promise of, 'a new form of politics'.

Quotes from Time Blog


Stephanie said...

At 72 years old, the thing John McCain is best suited to lead is an old-folks-home trip to the senior citizen buffet.

kmorrison said...

Classy comment, is this more 'new-style politics'?