Saturday, May 31, 2008

Poor Michigan

Watching Senator Levin today talk about how all the problems the Democrats are having with counting delegates is New Hampshire's fault, makes me want to crack out my violin. Republicans don't seem to be having these problems; is New Hampshire just out to get MI Democrats?

I understand that many see NH's first in the nation status as unfair, there is an element to truth to that. However, NH and its citizens take their role seriously. New Hampshirites go to see numerous candidates and question them about their positions. NH isn't first because it's the status quo, their first because they fight for it. It isn't as some suggest a simple desire for the revenue that it brings in or the attention that the state garners. Trust me you haven't met many New Englanders if you think that this is just attention seeking behavior. I do wish the town hall forums that NH features could be seen by more than just the few people in the first voting states. However, this is a unique process that is one of the few things in politics not influenced by money and power. New Hampshirites vote for the candidates who answer their questions. We aren't following the money race, or the pundit's critiques we're choosing a candidate based on direct contact and substantive issue. While the Democrats may not appreciate this, New Hampshirites do and will not sit back and accept a denegration of the system that they contribute to in such a unique way.

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