Wednesday, December 12, 2007

McCain's Success in New Hampshire

Senator McCain has been experiencing a swell on good press and good will in New Hampshire. He received the Union Leader endorsement, he made an appearance with Red Sox star Curt Shilling, and he has done well in several debates that show him as the grown up and the thinker in the room. As a volunteer, I along with others have noticed that each week the tone of the phone calls we make improves. While undecideds are still a clear majority there are more and more who are leaning towards or supporting Senator McCain. Each event and town hall he wins more people over to his side. He has a good rapport with his audience, and can talk at length on a variety of subjects showing his experience and depth of knowledge. He frequently states at town halls that ‘you may not agree with me on all the issues, but you will know where I stand’. He draws a wide range of supporters because of this. He sticks to his guns even when it’s not politically advantageous and wins people over not because they agree with him completely, but because they respect that he has the backbone to stand up for what he believes in.

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