Monday, December 3, 2007

John McCain Another Survivor Story

Senator McCain yet again displays his incredible survival instincts. With the pivotal Union Leader endorsement, improved poll numbers, and the endorsement of and appearance with Curt Shilling this week in the heart of Red Sox Nation, Senator McCain shows yet again that he thrives as the underdog. National media is picking up on this too...

From MSNBC's First Read -

The survivor?
We can’t believe we’re saying this, but the idea of McCain as last man standing in the GOP field is suddenly not so crazy. The thinking behind this is: 1) Huckabee wins Iowa, but there is no way the Republican Party hands the nomination to Huckabee; 2) Rudy’s next three weeks are as brutal as last week; and 3) Thompson doesn’t catch fire. If those three things happen, then McCain becomes a stronger possibility, right? In fact, does anyone else see the parallels between this year's BCS and the GOP race? No one seems to want to be No.1. But, eventually, someone has to play for the title -- er -- nomination. Before this year, no two-loss team had been in the national title game. If there is any candidate that looks like a two-loss team, it's McCain.

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