Friday, November 16, 2007

The Lil McCainiacs

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I took my children on the 'campaign trail' this weekend for the first time. My lil girl was so excited at the opportunity to meet Senator McCain it was crazy. Who ever would've thought a four year old and nine year old would have enough respect and knowledge to appreciate this meeting.

We arrived in Barrington about 20 minutes was too cold for them to wait outside so we slumped into Calefs store. They knew to keep an eye out for *(the big McCain Hero bus)* and when it finally pulled in they were practically dancing. In walks John, he is immediately bombarded with people. People clambering past and in front of us trying to get to John. We simply waited in the wings as I knew he would make it a point to stop by , I could tell from the wink across the room when we made eye contact. My daughter MaKayla, grabbing peoples around about the knees, asking them politely to please move, *John McCain is coming to see me!* Finally he made his way over. We talked a bit, then he generously posed for pictures with the kids and had a wee chat with them. My daughter reached for his pant leg as he made his way off , exclaiming *I wasn't done talking to him people*

Well, I finally managed to get her back and we made our way to the door. At this point I had planned on taking them home before I returned to the campaign. When we got to the front steps my daughter asked what we were doing and I explained. She immediately broke into tears...very dramatic and genuine * But Daddy, Daddy Daddy . . . I didn't get to thank him for being a Hero!*...well, after that I had no choice but to wait for the Senator to come back out. So we went outside and waited by the bus. John's Mom was the first out and she spent a solid ten minutes chatting with the kids and myself she was absolutely fantastic! John began to make his way down the stairs . . . My daughter MaKayla was the FIRST one in front of him standing there all by herself. John Said * Hey its you again sweety.,* He knelt down and asked if she would give him a hug and kiss Goodbye...She Obliged excitedly!! It made her whole weekend!&nb sp; As John began to rise. MaKayla exclaimed * WAIT WAIT JOHN MCCAIN! I forgot to tell you something!...He knelt down again and she said *Thank you for being such a good hero!*....McCain Smiled very very widely and of course the media and cameras went berserk! It was wonderful. We got home in time for the kids to see themselves on the News with John McCain!!!!

What a weekend for the lil' McCainiacs!!

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