Monday, October 22, 2007

What are Your Priorities?

As an Independent, I learned early on that there are few if any candidates I agree with completely. Often my vote has been determined by which candidate turns me off the least, and in some cases I’ve been left wondering if there really is a difference. However, this time around priorities are different. In a post 9-11 world the need for a strong, competent Commander-in-Chief is vital. The military and foreign policy experience that Senator McCain brings to the table is critically needed. If this were a peacetime debate, values and domestic issues would rightfully be at the core of any voter’s decision. Yet at this point in history voters would be wise to take a long view of both our current situation in the world and the role of the president. The two areas that the president directly affects are military/foreign policy decisions and Supreme Court appointments. Obviously, the president has influence over a wide range of policies both foreign and domestic, but the responsibility of Command-in-Chief falls solely on the president. For that reason priorities need to shift when selecting a wartime president. Foreign policy experience and a strong understanding of the military take on added weight when at war. Certainly people need to vote their conscience on the issues important to them, but prioritizing national security when at war is also a necessity.

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