Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Hampshire Presidential Watch: Spaulding, Douglas Counter Romney

New Hampshire Presidential Watch: Spaulding, Douglas Counter Romney

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Today, John McCain's New Hampshire campaign reacted to Mitt Romney's criticism of McCain's appearance with Governor John Lynch. The McCain campaign released statements from Peter Spaulding and Chuck Douglas.

Here are their statements:

U.S. Senator John McCain's New Hampshire Chair Peter Spaulding today issued the following statement regarding the Romney campaign's latest negative attack:

"John McCain learned from his political hero Ronald Reagan to extend his hand in friendship to members of the other political party. Obviously Mitt Romney never learned that lesson because he admitted he was never part of the Reagan Revolution, going so far as to reject the Reagan legacy and run to the left of Ted Kennedy. It is beyond the pale that Mitt Romney would attack a fellow Republican for showing common decency and respect for the sitting governor of the state in which he is campaigning. The voters of New Hampshire know there is a difference between working together to meet America's challenges -- as Ronald Reagan showed us -- and changing core positions for political gain as Mitt Romney has clearly done."

Senator John McCain's New Hampshire Vice Chair, former Congressman Chuck Douglas (R-NH), today issued the following statement:

"As a Republican who ran against liberal Democrat Dick Swett, I can assure you that in 1992 Republicans wrote checks to defeat him; and those Republicans weren't voting for Paul Tsongas that year either."

"Mitt Romney actively worked to defeat the Republican candidate trying to reclaim my old congressional seat. Therefore, I'm amazed that Romney would claim to represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party -- because when Romney had a chance to contribute to a New Hampshire Republican, he chose to fund a liberal New Hampshire Democrat instead."

"In the coming months, Republican primary voters must ask themselves which Republican candidate will restore trust in government and lead a united Republican Party. I know New Hampshire Republicans will find the common sense Republican values they are looking for in John McCain."

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